This blog is a collection of articles that take an innovative approach to some of the most challenging theological questions faced by the Adventist church. The topics covered here are usually at an advanced level.

Main Contributors: Mike Manea & Adrian Zahid

We are both members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In our free time, we debate theological concepts with each other and discuss them with others online. Our views posted here and elsewhere are our own, but may not necessarily reflect our most current position. If you need any clarification regarding what we’ve written or said, please reach out to us here or on our Facebook Page.

We often post ‘long form’ articles here as supplements to conversations we engage in online and on Social Media. For that reason, some of our posts may seem disjointed but to those engaged in conversations with us, the context is clear. You can visit and join our conversations on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/IntelligentAdventist/

We also publish long-form investigative journalism and research projects. These multi-year research projects are occasionally collaborations with other content journalistic outlets.

Discussion and debate are encouraged here for the purpose of testing out and refining the ideas presented here and readers are encouraged to share the blog with other Adventists with an interest in the topics.

Our Name

The name Intelligent Adventist comes from one of our favorite books from the world of investments: The Intelligent Investor. Like the rigorous investment research process suggested in that book, we aim to ask good questions and analyze Scripture’s data thoroughly using its own interpretation framework to arrive at our conclusions. This process involves being aware of our biases while taking into consideration others’ contributions as well. Just like a good investor keeps in check of their emotions and says no to 997 “pitches” out of a thousand, we seek substance over flash and facts over hype.

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Volunteer Copy Editor: We need someone who can edit our work. If you like to read and write, and think deeply about our Church and would like to be on the cutting edge of research, please contact us.

Writers: If you like what we are doing, and would like to add your work here, please send us your past work and current writing projects.

Volunteer Graphic Artist: Our work needs illustrations and graphics. As you can see, most of our stuff is what we have dreamed up ourselves and is woefully inadequate. Clearly, we need help. We would like to do infographics and interactives.

Donations: Some of our research can take upwards of six months to a year to produce. We do it when we have free time, which is scarce. Your donations could help us work ‘less’ and write more. If you like what are trying to do, please consider helping us to do more of it.