Weimar Institute Settles Sexual Harassment Case with Melissa Osadchuck

According to a Weimar University staff meeting report on February 23, 2023, attorney Jon Daggett reported the lawsuit has been settled. A statement from the University Board was shared in the meeting notes.

Weimar University Board Statement Regarding Lawsuit Settlement

Weimar University’s insurance carrier decided to settle the lawsuit Melissa Osadchuck vs. Weimar Institute. Weimar University handled the matter properly and in a responsible manner. We are pleased that the parties have come to an agreement. Each side has agreed to this settlement, is bound by confidentiality, and is unable to share any additional details.

The University is committed to imparting a knowledge of God to its students through its Seventh-day Adventist faith. This is reflected in the principles of the Core Competencies of a Weimar Education: Health and Wellness, Evangelism, Academic Excellence, Labor and Service.

We initially reported on Ms. Melissa Osadchuck’s sexual harassment case in August 2022. The university administration released a statement in which Dr. Nedley stated, “Weimar takes employee and student safety very seriously.”

After their meeting in September, the university board released a statement expressing confidence in the university president and the rest of the administration. 

We wrote on subsequent resignations by various board members as they struggled to deal with the University’s embattled president. In one resignation letter, David Butler cited a lack of confidence in the Weimar Administration “due to poor choices in background checks and hiring practices, which has resulted in hiring sexual predators, delinquent staff, staff demeaning the students and hurting the culture of Weimar.” Dr. Bivens, who retired several months before the case was filed against Weimar Institute, wrote of concerns regarding Pastor Don Mackintosh in his resignation letter and listed many other problems. Two other board members, Dr. Arla Barelli and Mr. Kelly Coffin resigned last December and January 2023, respectively. 

Further revelations from sources and staff revealed underage sexual assaults and a sexual assault against an adult student, multiple allegations of sexual assault against an employee of the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program, and a death of a patient of the Depression Recovery program. Abuse of power to crack down on dissent was also reported in which the University president sought to determine the identities of individuals writing to the Accreditation team. The president’s effort to determine the identities of the staff who communicated with the accreditation team failed for reasons of technical feasibility.

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  1. It would appear that Dr. Nedley is going to continue skipping down the yellow brick road as if nothing has happened. It doesn’t matter about the number of people he hurts or how many bold faced lies he tells to the staff, students, and individuals. He orchestrates and spins his stories like a master magician. Meanwhile the cause of Christ is damaged by his lack of character. When I discovered that he lies, I was absolutely shocked. Now I have seen it so often that it is practically predictable. He truly needs our prayers.

    1. It’s very difficult — though not impossible — for a narcissistic megalomaniac to change his ways. The key, of course, is Jesus. But when you’re riding high on a wave’s chicane — money, power, position, influence — there is no true need for God. He is a god unto himself.

  2. Let’s pray earnestly and sincerely 🙏🏼 for all that are involved. These are certainly serious charges and accusations. May the Holy Spirit work upon the hearts of all that are involved directly and indirectly. Certainly, our institutions are not free of these matters but when they come to light they should be handled with the most urgent attention. Please protect the victims and handled the culprit as Christ would. Praying 🙏🏼 earnestly for the matter and that it will be resolved soon and thoroughly.

  3. Just as Weimar settles this case, Dr. Nedley allows a different sexual predator back on campus. This is in direct defiance to the board’s order that this man is not allowed on campus for any reason. But it is a $$benefit to Dr. Nedley and his Depression Recovery program. His concern and care do not appear to be for the students and staff on campus, but rather for himself and his pocketbook.

    Now that there are only politicians left on the board, Dr. Nedley is free to do whatever his heart desires. But the rug is getting higher and higher.

  4. I am very pleased with Weimar University’s settling of this case. Weimar is not perfect, but it is growing.

    1. Ellen, what do you mean by “growing “? Weimar University lost a lot of students and large donors this past year. Why? Student surveys went out. Letters were written to board members. Unfortunately, Dr. Nedley and most of the board weren’t willing to make the necessary changes. So now they are scrambling like crazy to recruit students and donors. Weimar has such a bad reputation at this point, that you will notice how few local students attend anymore. I imagine that it will be a school largely of misfits and foreign students.
      If you knew all that the board members know or even the parents that have had students here for many years, you would probably not be so pleased with the direction Weimar is going. You would also realize that Dr. Nedley is not a man of integrity and he has absolutely no business being the president of a Christian organization.

      1. It appears by your initials that you are just kidding which seems to be true. When I say growing, I mean improving. It has big potential. I do not consider Dr. Nedley to be a man without integrity; there is no basis to back such a claim from my perspective. If you are not just kidding, Weimar may have a bad reputation from your perspective based upon what you have said, but I’m sure there are some who hold Weimar in high regard. I would not doubt that there are many who do believe the truth, as I see it. I hope hearsay does not close your mind to receiving much blessing.

        1. Hi Ellen Marie,
          Actually, I’ll list 2 or 3 things for you. Dr. Nedley has at times required students to attend DR in order to stay in school and graduate ( even if they don’t have depression). He has required at least one professor to do the same if they wanted to keep their job. This was with testing at a level 0 for depression. The students and faculty also have been required to pay for it unless a donor appears ($9,000). This money benefits him personally, not Weimar. This is definitely a conflict of interests. I wouldn’t call this an example of integrity .
          Also, he has publicly called himself a gastroenterologist many times, which he is not.
          If you will read the stories on IA, you will see several occasions where he has lied. I know that these stories are true even though he states they are all lies. And if they weren’t, why hasn’t he sued IA for slander?

          1. I know that some of what you have said is true, but I do not know if everything you have said is true. I don’t remember him calling himself a gastroenterologist ever, and I do not know of any place on IA where he has been proven to have lied.

            I have only heard of one thing you have said from other sources. I heard some students have been required to attend DR. Each case is specific to the need, and not all people who struggle with mental health have been required to attend the DR program. I would assume most students who do attend are not compelled to do so.

            I don’t know who you are, but if you are or plan to be a physician helping people as Dr. Nedley does, I would trust you would also ensure they receive proper care. I believe a physician who takes the Hippocratic oath to do good to patients may appear to not be doing good to patients if the patients or those who know them do not understand the scientific principles upon which the doctor’s decision is based.

  5. Ellen., Your answer goes both ways, “hearsay won’t cut it”. The extensive PR and media focus Weimar is putting out, as of late, could also be considered hearsay. There may be much you don’t know about the facts. I appreciate your sincerity and willingness to protect what you understand. Weimar needs many more of our very intentional prayers.

    1. JJ, I agree that no one knows everything and that intentional prayer is essential. Thank you for your apparently unbiased exposition of these principles; I’m trying to be unbiased too. What you have said also does not say there is a problem either, and the truth is that there are problems in every school. Weimar has quite a bit of advantages though, such as the opportunity to shadow lifestyle programs.

    2. You obviously do not understand the mechanics of a “settlement”. It can also be an untrue accusation, yet possible to cause further damage. It is, after all, California.

  6. The fact that they forced an NDA on her is suspicious. I wonder to what degree they bullied her into signing it with some bonus money so that they can spin the story that she only wanted money and not justice. Sexual assault victims are vulnerable to this, especially when fighting a massively powerful establishment.

  7. My brothers and sisters, Don’t you see what is happening to our schools? The dragon is after the remnant. We need prayers, God’s mercy and guidance more than the bickering. I have a niece and nephew at Southern Adventist. There are attacks within and without there too.

  8. Sad indeed. Yet another Adventist abuse of its people! Misuse of funds in Ohio. Lawsuit settlement out of court with Adventist Health, abusive behavior towards homeschooling pastors, and the list goes on for the arrogant SDA church. The church structure being top heavy and run by the top down with no real checks and balances is part of this institutional practice and problem! Stop bleating the sheep!

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