Data Dump of Adventist & Christian Theology

Adventist Identity, Theological Reasoning & Method

Basic Elements of Christian Theology – Fernando Canale

Revelation & Inspiration: The Cognitive Principle of Christian Theology  – Fernando Canale

Canonical Theology: The Biblical Canon, and Sola Scriptura, and Theological Method – John C. Peckham & Craig G. Bartholomew

Creation, Evolution, and Theology: An Introduction to Scientific and Theological Methods – Fernando Canale

Education – Ellen White

What are human beings that you remember them? – BRI


Alternate Adventist Views on Revelation Inspiration & Theological Reasoning

Thinking Theologically: Adventist Christianity and the Interpretation of Faith – Fritz Guy

Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers – Alden Thompson

Receiving the Word –  Samuel K. Pipim


Wider Christian History & Theology

Christianity’s Dangerous Idea – Alistair McGrath

Iustita Dei – A history of the Doctrine of Justification – Alistair E. McGrath

Reformation Thought – Alistair E. McGrath

Heresy – Alistair McGrath

Introduction to Old Testament Theology: A Canonical Approach John H. Sailhammer

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

My Utmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers

Christ and Culture – H.R. Neibuhr

The Cost of Discipleship – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Romans – Martin Luther

Galatians – Martin Luther

Letters of John Huss – John Huss

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection – John Wesley

Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan


Adventist & Christian Church History

History of the Advent Movement – J Loughborough

Magnificent Disappointment. What really happened in 1844 and its meaning for today – C. Mervyn Maxwell

Prophetic Faith of our Fathers – L. Froom

Conditionalist Faith of our Fathers – L. Froom

Foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist Message and Mission – P. Gerard Damsteegt

History of the Sabbath & the First Day of the Week – J.N. Andrews

Bible Adventism – James White

Conflict of the Ages Series – Ellen White

WW Prescott: Forgotten Giant of Adventism’s Second Generation – Gilbert Valentine

Doctrine of the Sanctuary: A Historical Survey – Frank B. Holbrook, Editor

Reformation and the Remnant – Nicholas P. Miller

Testimonies to the Church – Ellen White (Vol. 1-9)

Midnight Cry – FD Nichol


Biblical Text & Christian Hermeneutics

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Countering the Challenges to Evangelical Christian Beliefs – Craig L. Bloomberg


Systematic Theology System

Prolegomena: Norman Gulley (Vol. 1-4)


The SDA Bible Commentary


Advanced Books

Typology in Scripture: A study in Hermeneutical Structures – Richard M. Davidson

Cult and Character Purification Offerings of Atonement and Theodicy – Roy Gane

DARCOM – Frank Holbrook

Symposium on Revelation – DARCOM

The Sanctuary and the Atonement: Biblical, Historical, and Theological Studies – BRI

The Day of Atonement and the Heavenly Judgment: From Pentateuch to Revelation – Alberto R. Treiyer


Consequential Dissertations

Principle of Articulation in Adventist Theology – Roy Graf, AIAS 2017

The Sanctuary and the Three Angel’s Messages – Alberto Timm

The 1919 Bible Conference and its Significance for Adventist History and Theology – Mathew Campbell

A Historical-Contextual Analysis of the Final Generation Theology of M.L. Andreasen – Paul M. Evans

James White and the Development of Seventh-day Adventist Organization, 1844-1881 – Andrew G. Mustard

Toward a Criticism of Theological Reason: Time and Timelessness as Primordial Presuppositions – Fernando Canale

Principles for Reorganization of the Seventh-day Adventist Administrative Structure, 1888-1903 Implications for an International Church – Barry D. Oliver

Change in Adventist Theology: A Study of the Problem of Doctrinal Development – Rolph J. Pohler

Seventh-day Adventists and Original Sin – Edwin Harry Zackrison

New Testament Local Church and Adventist Mission – Russell Burrill


Adventist Issues

Last Generation Theology

A Representative List of LGT Books

Sanctuary Service – ML Andreasen

Why Jesus Waits: How the Sanctuary Doctrine Explains the Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church – Herbert Douglas

Christian Perfection – Jean Zurcher

Touched by Our Feelings: A Historical Survey of Adventist Thought on the Human Nature of Christ – Jean Zurcher

The Word was Made Flesh – Ralph Larson

Cleanse and Close: Last Generation Theology in 14 Points – Larry Kirkpatrick

Face to Face with the Real Gospel – Dennis Priebe


A Representative List of Analysis and Critique of LGT

God’s Character and the Last Generation – John C. Pekham et. All

A Historical-Contextual Analysis of the Final Generation Theology of M.L. Andreasen – Paul M. Evans

The Final Generation: A Descriptive Account of the Development of a Significant Aspect of M.L. Andreasen’s Eschatology as related to His Treatment of the Sanctuary Doctrine between 1924 – 1937 – Dwight Eric Haynes

The Nearness and Delay of the Parousia in the writings of Ellen G. White – Ralph Neall*


Creation – Evolution


Why Evolution is true – J.A. Coyne

What Evolution is – Ernst Mayer

Theistic Evolution

God Sky and Land: Genesis 1, as the Hebrews heard it – Fritz Guy and Brian Bull

God Land and the Great Flood – Fritz Guy and Brian Bull

Death Before fall and the problem of Animal Suffering – Ronald E. Osborn & John h. Walton


Theistic Creation

Creation, Evolution, and Theology: An Introduction to Scientific and Theological Methods – Fernando Canale

The Genesis Creation Account: and its Reverberations in the Old Testament – Edited by Gerald Klingbeil


Adventist Ecclesiology and the Local Church

Here We Stand: New Trends in the church – Editor Samuel Pipim

Beyond the One Project – Adrian Zahid

Remnant & Ecclesiology Series – BRI (Vol. 1 and 2)

Good Articles

From Vision to System: Finishing the Task of Adventist Theology (Part 1 of 3)

**Excellent Books on the Theory of Evolution [list provided as a helpful guide to understanding the theory, not as an endorsement of the views as they relate to Adventist theology]

*Not directly related to LGT analysis but helpful in seeing her chronology, and her thoughts on eschatology

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