Iceland Conference Mine Asset Management Controversy Part 2

IA Editor’s Note: 

This story is about managing mining assets that the Adventist Icelandic conference controls through a trust. The author contends that the EXCOM of the Iceland Conference has refused to answer questions of the members and has acted on incomplete information and, at times, self-contradictory to the original agreements.

This story below is an attempt by its author, a church member, to ask members at his conference and elsewhere in the world to consider the management of this natural resource. IA presents the story as is, with no claim on the facts presented herein.

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  1. I like the slogan for Inteligent Adventist: “We ask the key questions.”

    I think to ask the key questions is very important to see the point, where the problem lays, and also in many cases good questions can lead to the solution.

    Reading through the first half of this lengthy document, the followig questions comes in mind:

    1. What do you think, what was the first step, which led astray IC from the basic principles practiced in the SDA church ? ( If we can identify that first step, we have to go back to that point to bring resolution in this whole case)

    2. The church normally runs on tithe and offerings. When offerings and tithe is practiced faithfully, that should cover the cost of normal operation of the church. This income from the mines should be considered an “extra” income. It would be interesting to see, what the IC accomplished in the past decades with this extra money which came from this “business” from this “ownership” ? ( It would be also interesting to see the ratio of the offering/tithe income related to the ownership income in the IC )

    3. According to the church yearbook the total memebership in IC is 470 person, while in the document it is told that the church attendance on a regular Sabbath is between 100-150. Considering this small number of active members, is it possible to imagine to democratically formulate any governing body without the conflict of interest ?

    Forgive me for my english, I am not a native, I hope though the message went through ( I am open to any correction and change in the wording if it helps the better understanding)

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