Fundraiser for Intelligent Adventist

I know you are probably tired of reading this, but we need money to stay in existence.

Intelligent Adventist is a public charity.

Being a public charity means that by law, we must raise most of our funds from readers like you to stay in existence. Please click here to donate.

We use our funds to support our research staff, protect our whistleblowers, help victims whose stories are featured on our site, and fund our operations.

If you like our work and see value in what we are trying to do, please consider giving to us so that we can stay in existence and provide you with news, analysis, and investigative reporting that helps to make our church a better place for everyone.

Our immediate needs are listed below:

Funding for IA operations: Office space, editing and writing, travel costs, security needs for our sources and whistleblowers, etc.

Funding for victims: to help them get justice, get clinical therapy, and pay for other needs.

Funding for humanitarian causes: We receive worldwide requests for humanitarian needs.

Thank you in advance.  Donate here.

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