Dr. Randy Bivens Letter of Resignation

Dr. Randy Bivens was COO of Weimar Institute from August 2013 to May 2022. A whistleblower sent us this document. IA reached out to Dr. Bivens for authentication. He confirmed that it was indeed his letter. He expressed his personal preference that it not be published. We will publish our analysis of the document later. We believe it contains important suggestions for constructive changes and insights into the institution.

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  1. This is an outstanding point-for-point treatise on the needed changes for Weimar. Although not explicit in the language, it’s clear — at least to me — Dr. Bivens is stating, due to abuse, mismanagement, and financial blundering (and that’s putting it mildly), Dr. Nedley, Pastor Mackintosh, and Dr. Mills need to resign ot simply be terminated.

  2. This letter was intended for internal use only to the board–I am sorry that it has leaked and I am sorry for any hurt that will ensue to the named persons. My attempt was and is to lift Weimar up (because I have clearly seen God miraculously assist us), but to also show areas that need mending, repair, and occasionally destruction. May God bless our efforts to become more transparent and to especially realize that we must be constant advocates to the students, our employees, and anyone perceived as downtrodden.

    1. Dr Bivens,
      your work at Weimar over the years – a labor of love – has been an example of service and generosity. Praise God

    2. Hi all, after communicating we Randy just now and seeking his permission – I’m posting my initial response once I first saw his letter some time ago:
      Randy, As I read your recent letter to the board I was saddened that things came to this.
      While I have a different view and recollection of many of the things you have covered, none of my disagreement in this regard can remove the regard I have for the stellar work you have done for Weimar, and for the personal kindness you, Tami and your family have shown to me and my family over the years. Thank you. In my view, there has been far more good than bad in our times together. Thankfully, though we may differ concerning how things have been or should be done, we do continue to share the desire to see the work God has done and is doing at Weimar go forward in a way that will given even further success for the glory of God…

      1. Take a walk, Don. Anything you might have to say is veiled in years of condescending behavior and spiritual abuse. You’ve outlived your usefulness at Weimar, and pretty much anywhere. It’s time for you to take a sabbatical, reflect, and determine your next steps.

  3. I am hesitating to comment, but after reading this, I thoroughly understand what this dear man has gone through. Having known Nedley, I can tell you that the source of the polluted river comes right from his door. When he took over Weimar, I made the prediction that things would end up as they now seem to be happening. I’m just surprised it took this long.

    He is a guy that is very self-centric, but tries to give the impression it is because of his ardor for the Lord. He can talk a good talk, but the walk can prove to be self-serving. He has to be large and in charge of everything around him. His modus operandi is very short on being able to do himself, but telling everyone else what to do and having them serve him. MacIntosh is the type of person who is a perfect acolyte mirroring everything Nedley says and does.

    An example would be from before he was at Weimar. He was used to being the head elder at the church, and the board chair of the church school. They elected a new head elder, and he was not nominated to be on the board as they were holding a meeting to make selections. Many felt it disqualified him because his wife and an employee were homeschooling his kids and they didn’t go to the church’s school. He stood up before the church and cryptically said, “When you have generous donors to the school, and they are not put on the board, they might just decide to quit giving to the school.” The threat was understood and the lackeys put him on.

    Dr. Blevins, take heart, you are far from the first casualty of Nedley, but I admire your resolve to stand up for what is right. Thank you for sharing the letter.

    1. When the salvation and safety of others is put in peril, it is not talebearing to bring accountability to those who are hurting the vulnerable. How dare you use a Bible verse who’s meaning you have twisted to fit your own narrative of self preservation and suppression.

  4. What is this website trying to accomplish? Dr. Randy Bivens even asked that it not be made public, what do you intend to gain by publicizing something like this?
    Whoever is leaking things like this and posting them publicly must have zero respect or concern for the well-being of others.

    Shouldn’t we as christians try to help each other through our struggles? While wrongdoing by an institution shouldn’t be dismissed so easily why should it be publicized and used as a battleground for “christians” hungry for gossip and strife

    1. Arroyo, that is exactly what has made all this abuse without consequences possible. A long church history of covering up wrongdoings of all kinds. Time for evil be exposed in the light.

  5. I am learning as to who Intelligent Adventist is and applaud your voice for the abused. However, to see something posted that was asked not to post- Dr Bivens letter, puts IA in question. You could have shared information from the letter, withholding names, but you didn’t. So far I have been impressed that someone is speaking up and doing the needed work but that’s is a breach of privacy. Why haven’t you taken it down?
    It will affect others who want to comment. I hope my email address will not be posted.

  6. I graduated from Weimar somewhere between 1998 and 2005, not wishing to be extra specific. I remember a student who was viewed as being a strongly spiritual person who even took part in teaching a class that was very controlling of fellow students. The next year it came out he had repeatedly assaulted a female student. He had repeatedly told her no one believe her if she went to the leadership. He was allowed to remain enrolled, however as more details came in he was put under some requirements he felt were too restrictive so he left. He was immediately hired by a conference in the Bible belt. I personally made an appeal to leadership that they make the hiring conference aware of what he had been accused of or at least what he had confessed to, at the very least. They stated they would put a sealed letter in his college file, but the conference would have to specifically request it. I called the conference and spoke with the ministerial director telling them that there has been accusations of misconduct against their new hire and that there was a sealed letter containing some details regarding it in his student file that they could request. I was informed they would not be requesting it from the college.

  7. There are no clean hands here. Bivens was fine & dandy with the status quo, when he, Nedley & Mackintosh ran their regions of the campus with iron fists. Now that he’s a victim of his own regime, he wants play victim, while still patting himself on the back at the same time, as usual. Both current & former staff are terrified of speaking up, in part for fear of the long reaching arm, of these men. No one’s innocent, in this house of cards.

  8. I feel somewhat soiled after reading this. This is not the product of intelligent Adventism, if there is such a thing.

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