Statement by the Board of Trustees of Weimar University

In our just concluded three-day board meeting, there has been an extensive and prayerful review of concerns as well as affirmations from various sources, including students, parents, faculty, alumni, and other constituents. In recognition of our humanity and a great need for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the board sought wisdom through multiple periods of prayer and study of the inspired counsels. During the expression of many different opinions and candid discussions, the board is grateful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Some issues were already being addressed, and changes were already in process by the administration as presented to the board. We also were led to make additional positive changes. We are excited about the trajectory of Weimar University for the future.

We want to affirm our confidence in Dr. Neil Nedley, President; Dale Northrop, CFO; and Steve Brownell, the new interim COO. We also affirm our confidence in Dr. Jesson Martin, our new VPAA, with the shared governance and communication structures he is implementing in the University.

The board spent time with the leadership of Weimar Academy, reviewing their needs. We are looking forward to the recently formed Academy Governance Committee providing guidance and policies on an ongoing basis.

The board expresses their appreciation for the fine, dedicated students attending Weimar University and their families’ sacrifices. We also believe that Weimar is served by excellent and committed faculty and staff, to whom we express our confidence and gratitude.

Finally, we continue to be enthusiastic and supportive of the mission of Weimar University.


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  1. So this basically said a whole lot of nothing except that they are looking forward to the future and keeping Nedley on? No mention of the serious allegations being levelled against the organization? Seriously pathetic attempt at saving face.

  2. This past week, Dr. Nedley read this statement in a Town Hall meeting where students were present. Several days later, this statement was posted on Weimar University’s website as well as their Instagram and Facebook pages. Within one day, it appeared on Fulcrum7 and then on Intelligent Adventist websites. It does not appear to be on Spectrum as of this writing.

    Essentially all of the comments on each of these platforms have been negative. Weimar University was initially censoring and removing negative comments from their personal social media profiles, but they either got exhausted in doing so or just changed their policy. In addition, several students were blocked from commenting by Weimar University when it appeared that their comments were negative.

    Really? This non-statement of a statement that evades any form of substance is an adequate conclusion to a board meeting that went for parts of four days?

    What about the sexual abuse lawsuit? No comment!

    What about Dr. Bivens’ resignation letter? There were multiple points about which he would have intimate knowledge. I did not see comments on even one of his multiple issues.

    What about David Butlers’ resignation letter? Only a tacit comment about the Academy.

    And yet the board wants to affirm their confidence in Dr. Neil Nedley?

    It is public knowledge that Dr. Nedley is running a multi million dollar empire, Nedley Health Solutions, from his free office space in the administration building of Weimar. According to public records, Nedley Publishing grosses around $1.2-3 million per year, and his supplement business another $560,000. Some basic math will show that Depression Recovery, hosted on campus, grosses between 2 or 3 million dollars annually. In addition, he also sees patients at his “clinic” on campus as well as working significantly as a hospitalist at the hospital in a nearby town.

    He apparently does all of his current Depression Recovery programs at Weimar. It would be of interest to constituents (and I am sure to the IRS) to know if he or his wife and staff have undue influence on any contractual agreements with Weimar. Are there even contracts? Are they paying fair market rates for rooms and catering? Are they paying for the use of conference room space, spa use, and the use of office space for counseling services? As the CEO of Weimar, any arrangement should be above reproach.

    Does the board really want to affirm this without any investigation?

    Does the board want to affirm how he handles student privacy as well as student and faculty complaints?

    Does the board really want to affirm how he ran Dr. Wilcox out of town? Dr. Wilcox was apparently forced to go through a Depression Recovery program as a condition for continued employment. Is that legal? Does Weimar’s accrediting body know this?

    Does the board really want to affirm how Dr. Nedley and Phil Mils have kept Don Mackintosh on campus when he knew it was way past time to move on from him? Far too many have suffered spiritual abuse from the pulpit, a place where they surely expected safety. It was noted that there is no affirmation for Pastor Mackintosh in the Town Hall letter.

    Is a cold corporate statement that shies away from providing proof of necessary changes really what’s needed?

  3. I am sorry that it has come to this. The board shoulders some responsibility in this drama. The statement was devoid of any valuable information while parents, staff, faculty, and constituents are looking for information that help them feel secure that these issues are being handled professionally. May God bless the hard work and angst the board must be enduring.

  4. Typical of ‘good’ SDAs caught bloody-handed. The public passwords out of any such challenge to institutionalized SDA arrogance are : ‘After much prayer and study . . . which should be followed by the private words, ‘ . . . Yay ! We are still holy, but sadly, God and the rest of you all out there remain lowly sinners.

    By the way . . . Hi there, Dr. Phil Mills (If you’re still on the Weimar board.) Crazy ‘Brother D’ here. How’s that frontal lobe obsession working for you and Weimar these days ?

    After this ‘oops’ maybe you will realize that there is more to a real ‘Christian’ life than highly degreed educational credentials, huh ? Emotional intelligence matters, too.

  5. How many suicides at the depression recovery program have been reported?

    My friend lost her life there and I would like to know why.

    1. There was a reported suicide on the campus, around October 31, from the depression and recovery program. We do not have any more details regarding it.

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