Two more Members of the Weimar University Board Resign

After almost a year of trying to change the direction of the University, two more board members have resigned. Dr. Arla Barelli (late December/early January) and Mr. Kelly Coffin (last week) were said to be the most outspoken regarding issues and resigned in protest. We will update this story as needed.

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  1. Two brave souls have given up the fight. They were apparently fighting an uphill battle. Thank you for your service. Hopefully Weimar is not left with a wet noodle miasma of a board that is easily manipulated by Dr Nedley

  2. Yes, thank you very much Dr. Barelli and Mr Coffin!
    You were board members #3 and #4 to exit, if I’m counting correctly?
    There was much time, prayer, and effort which you invested into fiduciary duty and the courage of your convictions. We (parents & students) also sincerely appreciate the clear communication of your concerns to the rest of the board on behalf of those whose voices have been ignored. It appears the Board bears a heavy responsibility, which we can only pray they are able to carry out with much needed wisdom, bravery, and integrity.

  3. This is terrible news. Both Dr. Barelli and Mr. Coffin took a lot of time and effort to find out what was really happening here. They had many letters and surveys which they presented to the board. Unfortunately the board did not want to hear that there are some real problems at Weimar. So instead of acknowledging and dealing with the troubles, they produced a letter of affirmation . Now it appears the GC mob ( Page, Gallimore, Finley, and Mills) will be in full control and they won’t have to hear about the pesky little problems ( like sexual harassment, conflict of interest, spying on WASC emails, spiritual bullying or spiritual abuse, etc) but can once again enjoy the dog and pony show when they come for their biannual visits.

  4. This news should come as no surprise to anyone following the events of the last 6-7 months. Dr. Barelli and Mr. Coffin were honorable board members whose integrity was unflappable. By leaving, the board is left with individuals dedicated to bowing to Drs. Mills and Nedley. As long as both of these individuals remain, no good can come to an institution that once had the potential to change the standard of education and, in turn, employ true Gospel work. [An IA moderator edited this comment]

    1. Blub Jackson: At least someone is finally telling the truth around here. Not sure how that makes someone unintelligent.

    2. By stating your self-proclaimed IQ, you more than demonstrate yourself to be in the range of 80 or lower.[An IA Moderator edited this comment]

  5. I attended Weimar College in the 80’s. If there was ever any kind of sexual impropriety at that time, didn’t know about it.

    However, there was a prevalent environment that discouraged questioning Ellen White and the health reform message. Poising questions that had a hint of doubt over EGW’s writings was a big no-no. It could get you counseled by a faculty member. There seemed to be a group of older college students, usually in their 30s, who considered themselves the defenders of Weimar’s reputation. They were quick to let us 18-21 year old college students know when we got too rowdy. Bringing soda or pizza on to campus got me some stern looks and even a few lectures. I lasted a year and a half.

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