Internships at IA

Perhaps you’ve read our work here on Intelligent Adventist and wondered what it would be like to work with us on our projects.

Here is your chance to work directly with us.

You will work on some of the most advanced investigative journalism in Adventism.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to intern with us for 2023 or part of the year.

We are an equal-opportunity workplace. You need to be able to handle sensitive information and be discreet. The ideal candidates will be college or graduate and post-graduate students, but if you are already in the workforce, that is fine too.

Please submit up to a 750-word essay on why you want to work on our team and provide us with a CV and a couple of references. Also, please tell us what you hope to accomplish while you work with us. Upload your CV and essay here. We ask for two references that are not your friends or family. Your contacts can email their letter of recommendation directly to us after we have interviewed you and asked you to submit them.

Who We Want: Individuals who want to see a better world and a better Seventh-day Adventist Church. Denominational affiliation is not required.

Location: From anywhere in the world!

Skills: Writing. Analytical Thinking. Editing. Interviewing.

Compensation: This is an unpaid position, but you will receive an honorarium for an 1800-3000 word article if we choose to publish it. Internships are for 3-month segments and are renewable based on our needs and availability on our team. Interning with us may lead to an offer for a paid project or a paid position during or after the internship.

Requirements While on Internship: You have to love reading. Read two books and publish an article on IA. You will be paid an honorarium for this article. Be willing to do any task that is needed.

What you gain: A seat at the table where some of the most important ideas and issues are debated, discussed, and written—hands-on leadership training.

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