We are hiring Investigative Journalists

We are looking for investigative journalists for our team.

Join us if you are ethical, fearless, and want to work on some of the most complex and intractable problems inside and outside the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Our investigative journalistic standards for reporting are similar to the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists and ProPublica. Our general reporting standards are identical to news organizations such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

We are an equal opportunity provider. No denominational or religious affiliation is required for investigative journalists working on issues. Our founders are members of the Seventh-day Adventist church. While we do not expressly require any denominational or religious affiliation, for investigative journalists working on issues directly related to the Seventh-day Adventist church, familiarity with its beliefs and history may sometimes be necessary.

Ideally, we prefer that you have a few skills and some education. Subject matter expertise, such as degrees in STEM, education, theology, history, law, finance, and journalism, is preferred but not required.

Investigative Journalism Projects

We are currently working on a select number of projects. Let us know what you are interested in or want to bring with you if you have something in the works. While all our work is essential, some work is more sensitive than the rest. Consequently, we assign three designations or levels to our work:

White: General reporting and analysis (General Conference Sessions, Annual Council Meetings Analysis, Denominational News Reports, theological writing, essays on various topics, etc.)

Red: Individuals and Organizations

Black: ________________


Able to work independently and work well in a team structure. Able to handle pressure. Persistent. Reliable. Ability to handle secrets and anonymous sources.


Writing: You can write engaging prose. You can communicate well in English and write clearly in your native language (if you are reporting for a language-specific region).

Analytical Thinking/Reasoning: You can think through complex issues.

Ability to Learn: We are fans of Coursera, MIT Open Courseware, and Khan Academy, to name a few learning platforms.

Reporting: You are familiar with laying out a news article, cultivating sources and documentation, and performing other reporting and investigative journalism tasks.

Tech Skills:

Using the internet. Understand and use secure communication protocols to communicate with sources and our team members and upload and download documentation. Word processing (typing on WordPress/Word/Excel) etc. If you know Python, HTML5, SQL, C++, or other programming languages and are proficient in artificial intelligence/deep learning/neural networks and machine learning, that is a plus but not required.


We are an American entity but welcome investigative journalists and writers from everywhere. If you live in the United States, however, we require you to have the legal ability to work here for compensation purposes.

Writing Sample

We require several writing samples if you want to work as an investigative journalist or news reporter. If you have published with another news organization, we ask that you share those works in your cover letter and CV. If you are currently a student or have written a paper for your recently completed studies, you can also submit that for consideration. You can upload your cover letter, CV, and other samples with your name and email on each document on our upload tab.

For prospective investigative journalists:

Investigative journalism requires serious analysis and writing. We want prospective journalism team members to demonstrate their thinking and writing capabilities. We need a minimum of 3 writing samples. Our team will depend on your submitted samples to evaluate your abilities. Please take your time in crafting your original work. Plagiarism or ghostwritten work is automatically disqualifying.

Choose any two essay topics from the suggested topics below and write no more than 2500 words on your chosen topics. Additionally, please give us a written sample of 1800 to 5000 words on any topic you choose apart from the list below. All your work samples and essays should be labeled with your name and email. A cover letter with a CV should be submitted with your sample essays. Do not upload anything sensitive about an active investigative journalism project until you speak with us.


The role of Adventism in Health Care

Christian Nationalism in Adventism

Global Climate Change



Investigative Journalism

Protests & Democracies

Financial Markets & Personal Finance

Law & Jurisprudence


Politics & Public Policy

Risk Management

Gender & Sexuality

Human Rights

Adventist & Religious Education

Religious Liberty

Adventist History – Please limit yourself to a well-defined topic (Examples: The year 1903 and the General Conference, A Survey of the participants of the 50th Anniversary of QOD Conference, Ellen White – World War I, etc.,)

Adventist Administration

Independent & Self-Supporting Ministries

Adventist Off-Shoots & Cults

Adventist Journalism

Christian Issues – Please limit yourself to a well-defined topic

Job Compensation

Depending on your location, experience, and abilities, we may hire you as an employee (salary plus benefits) or compensate you on a per-project basis (independent contractor). The payment will be in your local currency for global compensation, and you are responsible for any taxes for your jurisdiction. It is okay if you prefer to work with your current organization, job, or freelance while contributing to us. All contributions must be original and will become the property of Intelligent Adventist upon submission.

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