Weimar University Statement

Weimar University president, Dr. Neil Nedley, responded to our story.

“Weimar University takes employee and student safety very seriously.  While privacy laws do not allow the university to provide further information at this time about personnel matters, it should be known that Weimar acted immediately and appropriately at every step”

Neil Nedley, MD


Weimar University

Link to story: https://intelligentadventist.com/2022/08/sexual-harassment-lawsuit-filed-against-weimar-institute-weimar-university-employee/

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  1. In typical fashion, Dr. Nedley is covering his @$$. He knows he should’ve taken action immediately by dismissing Dr. Araya, and yet, in hoping to keep things quiet, he has subjected other staff and students to sexual and spiritual abuse. He’s just as complicit as Dr. Araya, and needs to go.

  2. The comments don’t sound worthy of a magazine named “Intelligent Adventist.”

    Though I have talked to none of the administration here at Weimar to hear their side of this story, I have gathered enough from what is published here to say several things:

    1. Nedley did take immediate steps to both demote and remove from influence Dr. Araya as a process of investigation was initiated. (Otherwise he would not have said that Dr. Araya might or might not be allowed to continue to employment.)
    2. The lawyers for the victim did not see a prosecutable offence or they would have gone for criminal prosecution instead of for money for emotional damages.
    3. It is not at all clear that the victim informed Nedley of anything more than unwanted advances at the initial stage of the complaint when he first went to Dr. Araya.

    In view of these things, there is not ground to dispute what Dr. Nedley said in his statement above. Until unknowns are known, there will be no ground for the same. Nedley’s actions can’t be evaluated without know what he knew (why were the contents of the emails to him not revealed in the lawsuit’s complaint?). Until it is known what he did in committees and what was said and done privately, it will not be even subjectively knowable whether the actions where sufficient.

    I do not say that admin here at Weimar has handled these issues well in the past or in the present. I only say that the evidence presented here at Intelligent Adventist is not such as to roundly settle the question in the negative.

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